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Australasian Zoo Jobs;

To help support this service, if you apply for one of the positions below please mention that you saw it advertised on the Australasian Zoo Keeping web site.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Unit Supervisor

Perth Zoo
Senior Technical Officer Veterinary Nurse

Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary
General Manager

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
Trainee Keeper

Wildlife Officer - Veterinary Nurse

Melbourne Zoo
Keeper Bank, Keeper

Australian Reptile Park
Reptile and Spider Keeper

Hamilton Zoo
Zoo Keepers

Mogo Zoo
Primate and/or Carnivore/Ungulate Keeper

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
Veterinary Nurse

Halls Gap Zoo


Other Wildlife Related Positions;

University of Western Sydney
Ecology and Conservation of the Christmas Island Flying Fox (PhD)


Overseas Zoo Positions;

The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary
Sanctuary Director

Save Vietnam's Wildlife
International Technical Advisor

Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity
Head Keeper


For links to other advertised Zoo positions from outside the Australasian region, please go to the Overseas Zoo Vacancies Links page of the AZK web site.

International Zoo vacancies can also be found listed at Peter Dickinson's ZooNews Digest web page or by joining ZooBiology.

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