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The links below will take you to sites that freely advertise vacant animal keeping positions. Whilst I am aware that many associations advertise positions, access to job listings is normally restricted to members of the association.

Other positions may be found advertised within a specific Zoos web site, and it is often worth checking the web site of a Zoo that you may be interested in working for to see if there are any positions currently available. Go to the Australasian Zoos page to find specific Zoos in the Australasian region, and also have a look at the Zoo Careers and the Get that Job! pages of the AZK site for information about job requirements and tips and advice in applying for a job.

International Zoo vacancies can also be found listed at Peter Dickinson's ZooNews Digest web page or by joining ZooBiology.


  American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)



 Association of British Wild Animal Keepers (ABWAK)


 American Zoo and Aquarium Association

 European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
 (Click on "News" then "Vacancies" tabs)

 Aquatic Network (US)

 British & Irish Association of Zoos &
 Aquariums (BIAZA)

 BdZ (German Zoo Keeper Association)
 Lists Zoo positions and links from around the world

Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarian/Technician Job Openings

Bird Jobs in the Field

 Primate Info Net Careers in Primatology



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